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Model: FL-AFD
This lovely backdrop evokes nature and its beauty. African daisy flowers will inspire you and bring peace and elegance to your event. It’s perfect for bachelorette parties, birthdays or baby showers...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
Model: FL-BWMF
Nature lovers, this design is simply made for you! Gracious butterflies and beautiful flowers will bring freshness and dynamic to your event...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
Model: FL-CF
If you’re a fan of engaging and stimulating designs, this is the design you’ve been waiting for. These colorful flowers will simply make your day...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
Model: FL-EF
Bright flowers make everything prettier! This floral design resembles embroidery and brings summertime vigor to all kinds of events...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
Model: FL-FFWG
Flower power! This delicate springtime design will freshen and embellish any event. It's subtle yet unique and alluring...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
Model: DA-LW
Sometimes less is more. This backdrop is minimalistic and classy. These sophisticated larkspur flowers are suitable for any event. ..
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
Model: FL-VIF
If you like simple and traditional designs, you’ll be enchanted with this vintage flowers pattern. Delicate and sophisticated, it will bring grace and poise. It’s most suitable for calming and peaceful environments...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
Model: FL-WSPF
Pastel flowers always look gracious and chic. This unpretentious design will bring grace and elegance to your celebrations. It’s best suited for weddings or anniversaries...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
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