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Model: AB-BAT
Abstract geometrical designs are a great fit for almost any event. This polygonal backdrop will look good anywhere and you won’t have any problems matching it with other items...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
Model: RE-GB
Bring back the 90's! This nostalgic pattern brings back the childhood memories when you cruised down the block blasting your radio and dancing...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
Model: RE-GRAF
If you're a fan of bold and colorful patterns, look no further! This graffiti pattern really stands out and it will enrich any room making it cool and urban...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
Model: RE-GRAR
This slightly abstract artistic pattern will bring zest and youthful energy to any environment. If you want to spur your creativity and brainstorming get this graffiti arrows pattern...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
Model: RE-GRPA
Graffiti patterns are simply made for young, creative and energetic people. This pattern is unique and colorful, it definitely won't go unnoticed and you'll get tons of compliments if you decide to buy it...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
Model: RE-GRSK
Do you like to doodle? If you said yes, hurry up and grab this amazing backdrop. It’s urban and inspiring for all those artistic souls who like street art...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
Model: RE-GRTA
Black and white is a classic, but this pattern comes with a twist. It's the perfect blend of classic colors and urban graffiti theme. If you're looking for a truly unique backdrop don't miss your chance to get this awesome pattern...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
Model: RE-GRWA
Who doesn't like graffiti art? This dramatic patter will bring joy even to the grumpiest people. It's so inspiring that nobody can't be sad and unmotivated around it...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
Model: RE-HIP
Get your swag on with this cool pattern. If you're planning a hip-hop night and a rap battle with yo homeboys, this pattern is a must-have...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
Model: RE-HHK
This backdrop is perfect for rap battles, it’s urban and it will set your party on fire! Don’t miss your chance to get this awesome pattern...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
Model: 3D-NLC
Are you ready to party? This flashy neon lights design is most suitable for parties. Its unusual light effect will make you feel like you're in space...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
Model: 3D-NLGPL
Girls are in charge tonight! Perfect for crazy bachelorette parties, this glitzy design is simply breathtaking and alluring...
£187.50 £150.00 Ex Tax:£150.00
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